Murky Waters: Submerging in an Aesthetics of Non-Transparency

Murky Waters is a video essay that Jaap Kooijman and I made for the 10th anniversary of NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies. 

See for more information about the essay this Autumn/Winter issue #Future, 2021of the journal.

Presentation New Blood in Contemporary Cinema (in Dutch + in English)

Can Sci-fi save the day? Imagine Film Festival Panel

Can Sci-Fi Save the World from Imagine Film Festival 2020 on Vimeo. See for more information here.

Panelisten: Dr. Etienne Augé (CHIFT), sci-fi criticus Paul Graham Raven (Climaginairies) en schrijver Rochita Ruiz (Other Futures)Moderator: Patricia Pisters, Professor Film & Media Culture bij het departement Media Studies van de Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Now the sun had sunk

Now the sun had sunk from Patricia Pisters on Vimeo.

Now the sun had sunk is a video essay that I made for the Critics Choice program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020 by way of introduction to Mati Diop’s film Atlantics (2019). Set in contemporary Dakar, Atlantics presents the point of view of the women who remain in Senegal when their men leave on small boats to find their luck in Europe. Most never return, except as spirits that enter the bodies of those who remain. The film is told in an ingenious genre mixture that combines a love story, fairy tale, zombie movie and political drama. Images of the sea appear with a different affective attraction, ranging from lustful and mysterious to menacing and dangerous.