IKKM: Sequenzgespräche

Patricia Pisters talks about Michael Clayton (2007, Tony Gilroy). June 3, 2010.

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Cerebral Metaphysics of the Neuro-Image

IKKM Lecture: Signs of Time. Cerebral Metaphysics of the Neuro-Image. May 12, 2010

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Cinemania: spanning en suspense

VPRO televisie: Cinemanie, aflevering 4: spanning en suspense. 7 oktober 2008

Hoe bouw je spanning op in een film? Cinemania vroeg het onder anderen aan editor Peter Alderliesten (die praat over Scorsese's Cape Fear), Elbert van Strien (Zwart water), George Sluizer (Spoorloos) en een Hitchcock-kenner.

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De Avonden: North by Northwest

VPRO Radio: De Avonden. Vrijdag 6 juni 2008 19:00

Naar aanleiding van het Cary Grant-retrospectief in het Filmmuseum komende zomer, gaat de film North By Northwest (1959) opnieuw in de roulatie. Lotje IJzermans praat over deze Hitchcock-klassieker met drie liefhebbers: criticus Hans Beerekamp, filmwetenschapper Patricia Pisters en directeur van de Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie Willem Capteyn.

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Mille Gilles

A Film by IJsbrand van Veelen, VPRO television, 1997 (44 min.). Dutch and English spoken.

From "nomadism" and "deterritorialization" to "Rhizomes," Mille Gilles explores some of the main areas of Deleuze's post-structural, anti-hierarchical writings. But going beyond that specific discussion, and maybe more significantly, the film also examines how Deleuze and his ideas inspired people around the world, in many different disciplines and fields of endeavor.

Patricia Pisters' exposition which runs throughout the film is, as one would expect from her authority, informed, clear and intellectually generous... More than the confident repetitions of familiar phrases, the fragility of the film image, as a picture without support, explains the key concepts against the grain of the text. A valiant attempt to break habitual ways of thinking.

Leonardo Digital Reviews

Watch the film online at Geschiedenis 24
More information about Mille Gilles on the distributor's website