Wiki video 8 scholars expanding our understanding of culture

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Ezvid Wiki, the world's first video wiki, has selected Patricia Pisters as one of the scholars and critics expanding our understanding of culture. 

The study of art and communications media is an opportunity to reflect on the ways that humans relate to each other and to ourselves. Scholars in these fields investigate topics like the influence of film on personal identity, or how capitalism shapes narratives about creativity. The following thinkers, writers, and researchers, listed here in no particular order, help to shed light on the ideas that permeate the collective imagination. See the video on the ezvid website here.

NECSUS #Intelligence

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Necsus: European Journal of Media Studies Spring 2020 #Intelligence in now online. With a special section on Artificial Intelligence and media, edited by Ruggero Eugeni and Patricia Pisters. See here for the issue.



Be Pretty and Shut Up!

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6 June 2020 EYE Film Museum

The French actress Delphine Seyrig impressed as the lead in Jeanne Dielman, the film that was Chantal Akerman’s breakthrough. The filmmaker, who died in 2015, would have turned 70 today. In a tribute to Akerman, University of Amsterdam Professor of Film Studies Patricia Pisters focuses on the life and work of Seyrig, a major feminist figure in the 1970s who directed a number of feminist films.  Watch the registration here via the EYE website. Or directly via Vimeo here.


FLOW on COVID-19 / #FrontlineMessages

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One of the most striking media effects during the corona crisis an increase of both interpersonal social media and mass media such as national broadcasting. In The Netherlands the news and talk shows on public television have not had as many viewers since decades. At the same time new hybrid forms emerge. While  television crews are not or very little allowed into the ‘war zones’ of the corona crisis where the battles are taking place, one of the solutions is to invite nurses, doctors, and other people in the frontline to send their own video blogs about the situation. Public broadcaster BNN/VARA has created an interface to upload personal videos from those whose work is crucial in these extraordinary times. #FrontlineMessages (#Frontberichten) is broadcasted every night and offers unique documents of and insights into the effects of the crisis. While the streets are empty and the world seems to stay on hold because of Covid-19, the phone video messages show the impact of this invisible fiend.

Critics Choice VI: On Collectivity - Atlantique

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During the International Film Festival Rotterdam (22 January - 2 February 2020) Mati Diop's

beautiful film Atlantique (2019) was shown. See here for a trailer. Dutch release 13 February 2020.

As part of the Critics Choice program I made a video essay for this film that can be watched here

See for the full Critics Choice program, curated by Dana Linssen and Jan Pieter Ekker,

IFFR's website or the flyer.


Poëzie van Buitengewone Perceptie

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2 december 2019, 16.30 uur:

Tijdens haar residency in Eye ging Pisters op zoek naar beelden die ‘het onzichtbare verbeelden’ en beelden die ‘innerlijke percepties’ weerspiegelen. Films waarin de grens tussen werkelijkheid en fictie vervaagt en categorieën als ‘normaal’ en ‘abnormaal’, 'zin' en 'waanzin' in elkaar overvloeien.In het eerste deel van haar presentatie vertelt Pisters over haar onderzoek in de Eye-collectie, waaruit blijkt dat dat onze opvattingen over normale en buitengewone of waanzinnige perceptie nogal zijn verschoven.

Bij haar zoektocht stuitte de hoogleraar op het werk van beeldend kunstenaar en experimenteel filmmaker Ansuya Blom, van wie het filmmuseum recentelijk een aantal films heeft verworven. Blom laat zich onder meer inspireren door het werk van Sylvia Plath, Richard Pryor en Franz Kafka, schrijvers die de innerlijke belevingswereld tot uitgangspunt nemen. Pisters gaat met de kunstenaar in gesprek over haar werk en laat vijf van de door Eye geacquireerde films zien: Lady Lazarus (1984), Amazing Grace (1989), Joe Faces (1995), Hither Come Down on Me (2007) en Lola Magenta (2018). Zie ook de website van EYE.