This page contains a selection of chapters and articles that can be accessed online.

Two Poshuman Entrees: BwO and Neuronal Aesthetics

In: Posthuman Glossary, ed. by Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018), pp. 74-76 & 285-287. Download PDF.

Van horrorpersonage tot succesvol protagonist

Interview in De Psychiater (maart 2018). Lees hier het hele interview in PDF.

Orchestration of the Senses in Yellow: Eisenstein's Fourth Dimension, Memory and Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia

In: Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia: Thresholds of Empathy with Art. Oxford University Press, 2017, 71-90. Read in PDF.

Wandering Off. In Conversation with Kerstin Ergenzinger and Patricia Pisters

In: Navigating Noise, ed. by Nathanja van Dijk, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Christian Kessung, Sebastian Schwesinger. Berlin: Walter Konig, 2017, 110-121.

Read here PDF.

Gedeelde Passie: Het Audio-Visuele Essay en de Filmcultuur

Referaat tijdens de uitreiking van de Louis Hartlooper Prijs voor beste Filmpublicatie - over het audio-visuele essay en nieuwe vormen van filmkritiek en filmwetenschap. 
Zie hier voor de tekst (inclusief twee audio-visuele essays). Uitgesproken en gepubliceerd 17 september 2017.

Film Geeft ons Grip op Gekte

Interview voor Filosofie Magazine in het kader van het Waanzin Festival 2017.

Audio-Writing: Cinema for the Ears

Audio: Cinema for the Ears from Patricia Pisters on Vimeo.

This is an audio version of my PhD From Eye to Brain: Gilles Deleuze, Refiguring the Subject in Film Theory (University of Amsterdam, 1998). The audio recording for the entire manuscript was performed by the Royal Institute for the Blind (Peterborough, 1998). This is Section 12 A from the last chapter of the dissertation Chapter 9: The Sound-Machine, Becoming-Music and the Politics of Becoming-Imperceptible.

Vastlopen in Extreme Selfies

About Esther Goud's A Strange Love Afair with Ego. In: De Filmkrant, #400 juli/aug 2017, p. 24-25. Online version can be read here.

Uma Guerra Nas Estrelas Metafisica?

“Uma guerra nas estrelas metafísica? Consciência celestial no cinema contemporâneo.” In: Lucia Leão (org.). Processos do Imaginário. São Paulo: Képos, 2016, 464p. 115-136pp. ISBN: 9788583731344   (Portugese translation of “A Metaphysical Star War”). Download PDF.

Metallurgic Fashion: Rabane, McQueen, Van Herpen

“Metallurgic Fashion: Sartorial Transformations in Changing Techno-Mediated Worlds” in  Adriano D’Aloia, Marie-Aude Baroniam & Marco Pedroni (eds.),Fashionating Image: Audiovisual Media Studies Meet Fashion. Special Issue Comunicazioni sociali,  n. 1 :  2017 Vita e Pensiero / Pubblicazioni dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano,  43-52. Find here the article in PDF.