Black Rebels at IFFR

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image: Afronauts (Frances Bodomo, 2014)

International Film Festival Rotterdam 25 Jan - 5 Feb 2017) - what a great line up of films, installations and events, such as the Balck Rebels program:

Many democratic societies are facing the implications of the cultural divide and emerging racism. In film history there is no other movement that has been investigating and addressing these issues as thoroughly as black cinema. Filmmakers throughout the African diaspora have been commenting on this divide, since the birth of cinema up until this very day. In Black Rebels IFFR presents films about and predominantly by black people resisting this divide. The programme features Dutch and European premières and classics in all genres. There is plenty of variety from feature films, short films, drama, (music) documentaries to experimental films, science fiction and video art. Barry Jenkins, the director of Moonlight will give a masterclass, there will be exhibiting art installations from Keith Piper (Robot Bodies) and Tirzo Martha (Testament of Hope and Failutre) and there will be various talks with filmmakers. The Black Rebels programme will also host a vibrant four-hour talk show, Minding the Gap, that will not only discuss the cultural divide, but also the rich influence of black culture on the arts. The talk show will feature guests including prominent director Charles Burnett of the L.A. Rebellion film movement.

Necsus #10 Home

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Necsus # Home is online now.


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Film from Victor Kossakovsky from 2005. Discovering a sense of self captured in a mirror. Director Kossakovsky covered for two years all mirrors from Svyato. His two year old son Svyato is now going to discover himself in the mirror. 

Yang Yong Liang

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Moonlight and The Day of Perpetual Night (2012). More about this beautiful art from  Yang Yong Liang on his website.

Pascale Sophie Kaparis

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Just met Pascale Sophie Kaparis and saw her work on tremors, trauma, seismic movements, percpetion and memory. Beautiful "Bodies without Organs" in differences and repetitions of red. From Eye to Brain. From Earth to Brain. TBC. Here's a great interview with the artist during "Seism" at Gemak in The Hague in 2015. See also her website.