System Crasher

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Nora Fingscheidt's System Crasher: Must see... Chilling, Moving, Desperate, Powerful.

See the trailer here.


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Spoor (Agnieszka Holland 2017) is an amazing and unusual 'eco-horror' film that is worthwhile

checking out. Here's the trailer. It takes you through the seasons with many surprising elements.


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Pixote by Hector Babenco about street children in Brasil fro 1980 has lost nothing of its power.

The vividness and incredible hardship of the protagnist remain haunting. See here for a 

Trailer. On MUBI which is absolutely the bust curated online platform for 

discoveries and rediscoveries, full of  gems of world cinema. Highly recommended. 

I'm Not a Witch by Rungono Nyoni

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Rungono Nyoni's I'm Not a Witch (2017) is an amazing film about a 9 year old Zambian girl who

gets accused of witch craft and is placed with a group of old women in a traveling witch camp.

Here's a trailer of the film. Nyoni is one of the many great women film directors that revise the 

tropes of the horror genre that I am currently researching for a new book on women directors and

the poetics of horror (which will appear in 2020 at Edinburgh University Press). 

Metropolis M over Ziektebeelden

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In de nieuwe Metropolis M een special over ziektebeelden in / en kunst. Zie de webiste 

van Metropolis M voor meer informatie. Hier een PDF van mijn column "wreed perfectionisme"

Solo Sunny

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Solo Sunny (Konrad Wolf, DDR 1982) Another wonderful film on fantastic MUBI

(how well curated! absolute recommendation for all hidden gems of film history.

See here the trailer of Solo Sunny. And here for MUBI's website