F*ck Healing?: Living the Wounded Life


2 July 2022. At the end of a tutorial on Deleuze and Guattari for the Reasearch Master Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam, a group of my  students (Bethany Crawford, Erica Biolcini, Alex Muller and Kseniia Bespalova) curateda performance event inspired by the readings from amongst others A Thousand Plateaus, Difference and Repetition, Cinema 1 and Cinema 2 and Deleuze's writings on Hume. The event took place at the Tree House, NDSM, Amsterdam. Above an impression created by Mattheusz Stepien.

MUBI Podcast" Turkish Delight Ignites the Netherlands

MUBI's podcasts begins with Paul Verhoeven's infamous second feature Turkish Delight (1973). While one of Verhoeven's more underseen films by international audiences, at the time of its release it took the Netherlands by storm. It is the most well-attended domestic film in the history of the country and was later named the greatest Dutch film of the 20th century by the Netherlands Film Festival. In this episode, we explore the film's unique significance during the counterculture movement in 1970s Holland, while featuring exclusive interviews with director Paul Verhoeven, star Monique van de Ven, and cinematographer Jan de Bont, amongst others. The Podcast is here.


Alumni-talk 2020 Several Sides of Selfies

The alumni meeting 2020 was transformed into an online meeting in Museum van Loon. Madelon Simons (Art History), Patricia Pisters (media studies) and others about the old and modern self portrait. 


ICPR2020 - Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research

The Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2020 will take place online from 24-27 September 2020.

See for more information the website. Listen to an interview about psychedelics today with Joost Breeksema, director

of Stichting Open andorganizer of the conference here.

Little Joe's 'Mad Scientist'

Jessica Hausner's reinvention of Frankenstein as a female scientist in a very different world than

Mary Shelley's original one. Deliciously eerie and smart. The trailer is here.

Mati Diop's Atlantics

One of the very gripping reinventions of the poetics of horror. 

Atlantics - Best recommandation on Netflix 2019. See here for the trailer.

For the International Film Festival Rotterdam I made a video essay (in the Critics Choice program) which you can see here.